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3 Reasons Why Winter Garden Residents Elect to Move

Winter Garden has a real estate market offering everything from cookie cutter homes in brand new developments to outdated fixer uppers that were built over 40 years ago. If you own the latter and are looking to sell, you have two options:

  1. Go through a costly renovation to compete with these newly built homes
  2. Speak to the company that gives cash for homes in Winter Garden, FL

Is a Renovation Right for You?

If you own a nice home in a great part of Winter Garden and you have plenty of time and capital to invest in a renovation, fixing up your home and patiently waiting several months to over a year for the right buyer to come along may make sense. However, most homeowners looking to sell don’t have unlimited time and capital to invest in these improvements.

At LEDGE Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we buy all types of homes. This includes working with homeowners looking to move fast, homeowners that are trying to improve their financial situation, or homeowners that own compromised or unattractive homes. Regardless of the condition or your living situation, LEDGE will buy houses for cash in Winter Garden, FL. In this brief article, the real estate investors at LEDGE will explain three reasons why our Winter Garden clients work with us to quickly sell their home for a fair offer.

1) They are Tired of the Commute

Although Winter Garden is essentially located right in the middle of the sprawling space between Disney World and downtown Orlando, it’s not exactly close to either one. With no traffic, a Winter Garden resident can travel by turnpike to either location in approximately 30 minutes. As Orlando traffic continues to become more and more congested, the travel time either way is only getting longer and longer. If you work in downtown Orlando or want to enjoy an evening out at a concert or sporting event, the gas money for mileage can add up fast.

2) They Want a Better Living Situation

There are some great areas of Winter Garden in the previously mentioned new developments. Most Winter Garden residents prefer to live south of Colonial Drive closer to the best school systems in the area in Windermere. Chances are if you are looking to move fast, you are not exactly crazy about your neighborhood. If you live in an undesirable part of town, it may be time to move to a nicer neighborhood or take in the attractions of downtown Orlando or Lake Buena Vista. Whether it’s a better job opportunity, more to do, or a better neighborhood, there are plenty of things that can factor into the decision to move to a more densely populated area.      

3) They Need Cash

At LEDGE, we work with all types of clients, including homeowners that are facing foreclosure, going through divorce proceedings, in-debt from student loans, or have simply inherited a house they don’t intend to live in. If you are looking for a fair, all-cash offer for your home, look no further. We purchase homes regardless of their condition.

If you’re saying, “sell my house fast in Winter Garden, FL,” we can help! For more information on how we buy houses for cash in Winter Garden, FL, submit our contact request form.

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