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3 Reasons Your Older Winter Garden Home May Not Sell and What to Do

Because Winter Garden, Florida was incorporated as a town in 1908, there are many older homes in the city. Many new buyers don’t want older homes due to the competitive pricing of new construction, the difficulty of updating, and the outdated styles. Even homes dating back to the 60s and 70s may have some of these common issues.

If you are having difficulty finding a buyer, you can sell your house fast in Winter Garden, FL by working with the professional home buyers at LEDGE. In the meantime, here are a few reasons why it may be difficult to sell an older home:

1. Outdated Layout

Many older homes have layouts that are different from newer homes. Some homes have bedrooms that are only accessible through other shared living spaces, tiny galley kitchens, or multiple bedrooms sharing one bathroom.

Most homebuyers today feel that one bathroom in a home is unacceptable, especially if they have a family or roommates living with them. That makes older homes — commonly three bedrooms to one bathroom — harder to sell. Trying to remedy that by adding another bathroom or a master suite addition is costly.

2. Hazardous Finishes

Older homes commonly have asbestos shingles or siding and lead-based paint. This may seem like an outdated warning, but lead-based paint was used in homes as recently as 1978. Asbestos can be expensive to remove and may necessitate hiring a professional to properly dispose of it. Many people looking for homes have children or are planning families and worry about toxic chemicals.

3. Old Wiring

Wiring is commonly out of date in older homes. This may mean that the outlets only allow for two prongs, no ground, or it could be as outdated as knob and tube wiring. Knob and tube wiring was used in home construction as late as the 1950s and does not comply with modern Florida Building Code.

It is difficult to insure homes without first fixing wiring problems as they may present a fire hazard. Many traditional home loans require insurance to provide approval on the loan.

Consult a Home Buying Service

If you’re trying to sell an older home in Winter Garden, you may find that traditional realtors and buyers don’t work out for your house or situation. Home buying services don’t have to deal with the conventional loans that a regular buyer does. We can buy houses with old wiring, termite damage, or in any condition for cash.

For more information on how we buy houses for cash in Winter Garden, FL, submit our contact request form.

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