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3 Ways Homeowners Try to Make Their House More Appealing (and Why They Should Work With a Homebuyer Instead)

At LEDGE Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we work with homeowners that are looking to sell their homes fast. Because we buy houses for cash in Winter Garden, FL, over the years, we’ve purchased a variety of homes from tons of clients. Many of these clients owned undesirable homes, many just needed to sell fast, and many tried to sell on the traditional real estate market but had no luck. Some of these homeowners accepted a fair offer from us because they had a fixer upper. Others contacted us after their home failed to pass a property inspection. Regardless, we are proud to provide homeowners with an outlet to sell their home when the traditional real estate market isn’t right for them.  

We’ve seen a lot of homes over the years, and we understand that never-ending maintenance issues can result in a homeowner considering their options. If you own a home with foundation issues or that needs a lot of repair work, you can try these three tricks of the trade to try to make your home more appealing. Of course, you can always partner with a reputable home buyer. At LEDGE, we buy houses for cash in Winter Garden, FL.

1) The Patchwork Home

When the foundation of the home is cracked, some homeowners will mud over or paint the cracks to cover any foundation issues. Similarly, if a home has water damage, some owners will conceal this by painting over the black mold or damage. Whether it’s patching, mudding, sanding, or painting, any of these cost-effective quick fixes will be detected during the inspection process. Instead of wasting your time trying to disclose foundation problems, consider selling your house fast for cash.   

2) Aesthetic Upgrades

Some homeowners will try anything to make their house more appealing during a showing. For example, homeowners may strategically place scented candles and potpourri throughout the home to cover any unwanted smells, but this will raise red flags for prospective owners. Similarly, if the TV is blaring in the living room, this may be done to mask noisy neighbors or a busy, nearby roadway. When homeowners are resorting to scented candles and a TV to distract homebuyers, they should consider calling a real estate investor instead. 

3) Special Deal 

Perhaps the most desperate angle a homeowner can take to cover up some serious issues with a fixer upper is by offering an incentive to the buyer if they waive the inspection process. A homebuyer should never skip this process, and if a homeowner is eager to offer this incentive, it should be considered highly suspicious to the buyer. If you fear your home won’t pass an inspection and you don’t have the cash to fix up the place, speak with a home buyer today. 

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