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6 Important Facts About Cash Home Buyers Part 2

People who have never worked with a cash home buyer before often question why we buy houses in Ocoee, FL. The answer is simple: we want to give you a great value for your home without the long, drawn-out process of selling your home on the traditional market. By streamlining the home buying process we can help you part ways with your house, regardless of its condition, in seven days or less.

In part one, we introduced three important facts about cash home buyers:

  • Cash home buyers and real estate agents are very different
  • Cash home buyers purchase old houses
  • Cash home buyers don’t collect fees

Now, we will discuss three more important facts about cash home buyers to help you get a better understanding of how they can help you sell your home without any of the stress inherent to the traditional real estate market.

Cash Home Buyers Don’t Play Tricks With Your Home’s Value

It’s easy to fixate on whether you’ll be getting market or retail value for your home, but these terms are less substantive than you may think. For starters, a valuation of your property is only pertinent if that’s what your home sells for. When a real estate agent tells you your home is worth $200,000, but it only manages to sell it for $175,000, the definition of market and retail value become virtually meaningless.

Furthermore, you will likely be subjected to other expenses such as home repairs and holding costs. And on top of that, you’re still responsible for paying the real estate agent’s commission when all is said and done. Commissions can be as much as seven percent of your final price, and closing costs will take another two or three percent out of your pocket. Cash home buyers simply make an offer on your home, you’re free to accept or reject as you see fit.

Cash Home Buyers Offer Different Purchasing Programs

Cash home buyers are local, independent property buying professionals. This gives them autonomy over their offers as they aren’t bound by strict corporate standards. Cash home buyers aim to help you sell your home as quickly as possible by offering an array of purchasing programs personalized to help you get the best value possible for your home. The value of your home is dependent on a number of factors including condition and the estimated cost of repairs.

Cash Home Buyers Don’t Force You to Commit

At Ledge, there’s never any pressure to accept our offer. Once we have evaluated your home and made our offer, you can accept it or deny it. There’s no penalty, no awkwardness, and no stress. If you’re thinking about selling your home, consult your local cash home buyer to see how you can get cash fast.

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