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Are Central Florida’s Heavy Rains Making You Want to Sell Your Home?

Apopka receives most of its annual rainfall between the months of June and November. Within this period, Apopka homeowners can experience a number of issues resulting from heavy rain, including leaks and flooding. Damage like this can be not only a safety hazard but an incredible financial burden. For this reason, Apopka homeowners need a way out when unrelenting rain prevents them from selling their damaged homes.

In this brief article, we discuss how damaging Central Florida rain storms can be and what homeowners can do when they want to move on from a property that’s taking on water (becoming financially draining). If your property has roof or flood damage, remember that a professional real estate buyer with LEDGE Real Estate Solutions, LLC, can buy homes for cash in Apopka, regardless of their condition. 

Rising Waters

Who better to explain the seasonal plight facing Apopka homeowners than the city of Apopka itself? As discussed on the City’s website, “Some areas within the City are low lying and adjacent to existing lakes such as Lake Hammer, Lake Alden, Lake McCoy, Dream Lake, Buchan Pond, Lake Francis, Lake Doe, Lake Errol, Lake Standish, Lake Pleasant, and Lake Page. Many homeowners and businesses do not carry flood insurance, which can result in high uninsured losses.” 

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Homes in flood-prone areas can be an absolute nightmare for people who buy them. Attracted by low home prices, homeowners only come to realize that they’re stuck in a flood-prone area long after they’ve made their purchase. And even if you’re lucky enough to have flood insurance, you’ll have to contend with the vicious cycle of yearly flooding while potential buyers steer clear of your home — that is, all buyers except LEDGE, where we buy homes for cash in Apopka

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Leaking Roofs 

Although not as alarming as flooding, a leaky roof can still be an incredible financial burden, not to mention the health hazards that come with water intrusion and mold growth. A leaky roof can lead to fire, electrical, and structural damage if left unchecked. How much will it cost to repair a roof leak? The average repair can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, assuming you can get a roofer out to your property anytime soon. 

A roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive to have repaired. If you are in a financial bind and unable to pay for your roof, are you and your family really going to stay in a home that’s exposed to the elements? With LEDGE, you won’t have to. We buy homes in Apopka in any condition, and we’d love to give you the option to sell your current property and move on to a beautiful home that’s anything but a financial burden. 

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