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Hoarder Homes: Another Man’s Treasure


Selling a hoarder’s house on the traditional real estate market is an entirely different undertaking for the average real estate agent. The task will be quite challenging since selling this type of property requires the agent to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and tactful.

What’s Hoarding?

A hoarder is a person who has persistent difficulty parting with their possessions. Hoarders typically “hoard” just about anything including but not limited to:

  • Animals
  • Boxes and containers
  • Clothing
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Photographs
  • Used supplies
  • Newspapers and other paper supplies

Hoarders buy and collect things compulsively and experience anxiety and distress at the thought of having to throw away these items. It is not uncommon to see a hoarder’s entire home filled from floor to ceiling with countless possessions. When it comes to the need to sell a home, however, problems arise.

The Trouble With Selling a Hoarder Home

Most likely a relative or close friend is tasked with trying to sell the home. If hey attempt to sell the home with a real estate agent, they will experience some challenges along the way. Putting the house on the traditional real estate market requires that the home be in tip-top shape for open houses. Exposing the hoarder and their precious possessions to strangers who may criticize them and their home is a delicate situation. Getting a hoarder house in order for buyers takes a great deal of time because it will require more than a surface clean and declutter. It’s not uncommon for hoarder homes to have extensive damage and even an infestation depending on what was being hoarded.

Without the proper support system and resources or a sufficient amount of time, the hoarder or the person helping them sell their home may easily become overwhelmed and frustrated by the selling process. You can bypass this entire process because we buy homes for cash in Ocoee, FL, and you won’t have to lift a finger in preparation for the sale.

Should You Sell to a Real Estate Investor?

Hoarder homes aren’t the most desirable because they come with potential risks and liabilities that most prospective buyers will not want to deal with. Sometimes investing more money into the home to clean and repair it is not worth it. However, you’ve heard the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” One buyer may consider the property worthless, but to another, the property could be a prize. That’s where we come in. At Ledge Real Estate Solutions, we buy houses in Ocoee, FL. The condition of the home doesn’t matter to us. If you are especially strapped for time and money, contact us for a fair and fast offer for your home.

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