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How to Get The Most Money for Your Damaged House

Owning a home in Florida can be a perilous and costly venture. With unpredictable and unforgiving weather, any home can be easily damaged. A damaged home is a seller’s (and potential buyer’s) worst nightmare. There are ways to help improve a home’s value despite its condition; however, fixing up other areas of your house and hiring a professional stager won’t guarantee that your house will sell quickly. 

Improving areas of a home in order to boost it’s value comes at an increased cost, and in many situations, homeowners end up putting more money into their unwanted houses than they ever wished to. The continued presence of cash home buyers has offered many owners of damaged or dilapidated homes an opportunity to get rid of their house quickly while also putting cash in their hands. At LEDGE Real Estate Solutions, LLC., we buy houses for cash in Ocoee, FL, regardless of their condition, and we’ll make sure you get paid cash for your home in seven days or less.    

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Enhancing the Rest of the House

There are many proven ways to maximize the potential value of your house when it’s on the market. Planned remodels and general clean ups are two ways (both expensive and inexpensive) to improve the curb appeal of your home. While these methods can be very helpful selling techniques, they do require long-term planning. Long-term, planned remodels will only end up costing you more money down the line and any so called “quick fixes” won’t yield the results you’re looking for. In the long run, many homeowners find these efforts to be futile, as the previous damage to their house renders their home unsellable for most real estate agents.  

As a cash home buyer, we buy houses for cash in Ocoee, FL, despite any damage your home may have endured. The best part is that we won’t hold you accountable for any previous problems you have on your house. We cover all the expenses and there are no hidden fees. It really can be this simple.   

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So What Are Your Options?

For those with the patience, resources, and the budget, the process of fixing up a dilapidated home and selling it on the market is feasible. But many homeowners don’t have the luxury of spending weeks or months repairing a home. Furthermore, most homeowners can’t commit that much of their hard-earned money to a restoration project. 

No one should be forced to live in a damaged home and not have the ability to sell their house for a fair deal. Luckily for most homeowners, we buy homes for cash in Ocoee, FL, and are committed to making sure you are paid cash for your home in seven days or less regardless of any damage your house has endured.

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