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Is Ocoee Losing Its Small-Town Charm?

Ocoee, Florida, has only grown since it was first settled in the mid-1800s. For years, Starke Lake and the city’s two-block downtown were places where well-known neighbors gathered. Over time, dirt roads eventually gave way to paved highways, and Ocoee became one of Florida’s fastest-growing cities, leaving residents wondering, how can I sell my home fast in Ocoee? Below, we explore the incredible growth that the area is experiencing and whether or not Ocoee is losing its small-town charm. 

Over 40,000 and Counting

It’s clear that Ocoee is a growing community, but many residents would be surprised to learn that it’s the fastest-growing city in Orange County. Orlando Sentinel reports that there are over 43,600 people in Ocoee, representing “a 22 percent increase between 2010 and 2015.”  The cause of this population explosion? Ocoee is conveniently located (or inconveniently located, depending on your perspective) near several major highways, including those that provide access to Downtown Orlando, Walt Disney World, and Universal Orlando.

The ultimate irony is that by flocking to the area in droves, new residents are threatening the small-town charm that attracted them to Ocoee in the first place. Traffic delays are becoming more and more frequent, and tolls are eating through commuters’ wallets. Soon, there will be no such thing as an easy commute in or out of Ocoee, especially once the city’s new project is completed. 

A $400 Million Development Project 

In order to keep up with the incredible influx of new residents, city officials have approved a development project with a price tag of $400 Million. Dubbed, City Center West Orange, this development will feature condos, a hotel, retail space, and office space. That all sounds well and good, but the project will take years to complete. As an Ocoee resident, can you really stand years of construction in your community? 

If there’s any question as to whether or not Ocoee is losing its small-town charm, think about McKey Street and the two blocks that are considered downtown that will soon be replaced. Combine this with numerous single-family developments, highway expansions, and a surging population, and it’s clear that Ocoee has lost its small-town charm. 

Moving on to a New Community 

Has Ocoee become a place that you can no longer call home? If that’s the case, your best bet is to sell your home and move to a new community with like-minded neighbors. However, in order to sell your home on the traditional real estate market, you’ll need to compete with those new single-family developments — no easy feat. Are you looking for someone who will buy homes for cash in Ocoee no matter their condition? Request an instant cash offer from LEDGE, your local real estate buyer. 

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