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Is Your Home "Show Ready?"

If you’re saying “who can sell my house fast in Ocoee, FL” you may want to begin by putting on your inspector’s hat. That’s right, in order to successfully sell your home, you should consider the other side of the sale and all of the things that the buyer will scrutinize about your home before they put pen to paper. In this brief article, professional home buyers will discuss many of the property issues that nix a potential sale during either the home showing or inspection process. If you are looking to quickly sell your home and the traditional real estate market isn’t working out, contact Ledge Real Estate Solutions. Simply put, we can buy your home in Winter Garden, FL.

Foundation Problems

The biggest issue with selling a home is a damaged foundation. Does the exterior of your home have cracks? Has water damage compromised the foundation or led to mold? Are the floors of your home not level? Any of these issues are an immediate red flag to prospective home buyers and will rightfully lead them to believe that there are deep-rooted problems with the structure of your home. Whether this means significant foundation repairs, new flooring, or even a complete teardown, the prospective homebuyer will avoid your home. You can paint those cracks in your home’s foundation, but it won’t fool anybody!

Home Showing Trickery

Although there are several ways a homeowner can deceive a prospective buyer into believing they live in a nice house in a better neighborhood than they really do, some real estate agents try to dupe prospective buyers by implementing little aesthetic diversions during the home showing process. Maybe there are scented candles throughout the home or air fresheners. Perhaps there is lovely music playing near a window, the air conditioning unit is blasting, or a movie is loudly playing in the living room. The point is that any of these real estate industry tricks are easily detected. If you reside in a home with an old, moldy scent or live next to a busy street with loud neighbors, you should consider selling your home fast instead of using any of these outdated tricks.

What’s your biggest fear during the inspection process? Are there areas of your house you would prefer not to show prospective buyers? Do you have electrical issues or perhaps parts of your property that weren’t “built to code?” Is your front yard an eyesore? If you are trying to sell your home and dread the inspection process, you may have an undesirable home. Fortunately, Ledge Real Estate Solutions gives every homeowner a fair offer and buys homes in any type of condition.

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