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Preparing Your Home for a Fast Sale in Winter Garden, FL Part 2

Do you ever catch yourself thinking “who wants to buy my house fast in central Florida?” Florida’s real estate market has faced many ups and downs over the last decade, and it can be more difficult than expected to sell. In part one of this two-part article, the experts at LEDGE Real Estate Solutions explained the importance of curb appeal, interior decorating, and staging on your home’s success on the market. In part two, we will explore more ways to help prime your home for a quick sale.

Choose the Right Price

If you’ve ever been shopping on Black Friday, you know that anything will sell for the right price. The same truth applies to houses. You don’t want to devalue your home and lose money, but you can’t list your home at a premium and expect many offers. Sellers commonly start with a high asking price, and then gradually lower the price as time goes by. This strategy doesn’t work as well as many people think.

Houses that stagnate on the market for months while steadily dropping in price can develop a negative perception among prospective home buyers. Your goal should be to sell your home within the first thirty days of being listed.

Availability is Everything

Schedules rarely align perfectly, but if your goal is to sell your home fast, you have to make yourself available to show your home as often as possible. Prospective home buyers may request to see your home early in the morning, right before dinner, or on the weekends. It is the preferable practice to leave while your home is being shown.

Remove Pets

Many people love pets, but it’s always better if prospective buyers aren’t aware that a pet lives in a house they are considering purchasing. Remove your pet’s toys, treats, food bowls, beds, and cages before showing your home. You might want to consider having a professional remove all of the animal dander from your home before listing, too. People with sensitive allergies will likely have an allergic reaction during a showing. Unfortunately, this can compromise a sale.

Neighborhood Stories

A great neighborhood can play a major role in whether or not your house sells. If you live in a neighborhood inhabited by likable people, take prospective buyers to meet them! Neighbors have no obligation to help you sell your home, so prospective buyers will feel comfortable asking them questions about the neighborhood. You should also list important information regarding school zoning, local recreation, dining, and shopping.

If all this seems like a lot of time, money, and effort, remember that you don’t need to sell on the traditional real estate market.

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