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Reasons Why Your Home Listing Expired

If you decided to work with a real estate agent, you will sign a contract and your property will be listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) for anywhere between three months to a year. This will advertise your property as available for purchase. If your home doesn’t sell by the end of the stipulated period, it’s no longer active online. This can be bad news for the homeowner who’s in a hurry to sell their home.

As a knowledgeable real estate investment company, we know the common reasons why these listings expire and we want to offer you a better solution: we buy homes for cash in Winter Garden, FL and are ready to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

3 Reasons Your Home Listing Expired

Traditional home sales fail for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the seller is at fault and sometimes the real estate agent is at fault. The following mistakes occur frequently when a home is placed on the market.

The home is overpriced: Sometimes homeowners (or an inexperienced realtor) think more highly of the value of their home than they should. Slightly overpricing the home is ok because negotiation is expected; however, most buyers won’t be interested in an overpriced house.
Undesirable location: If your home isn’t located in a prime location, selling it will be a challenge. Neighborhoods that are noisy, have a bad reputation, or lack good schools have their work cut out for them.
Major repairs are needed: Every house on the market won’t be in great condition. Of course, some people love to buy homes they can renovate, but the vast majority of buyers don’t want the hassle of making repairs beyond the basic cosmetic upgrades.
You hired the wrong realtor: If your current realtor lacks the proper market knowledge, communicates infrequently, seems desperate, or is unorganized and misses deadlines, it’s time to part ways with that agent for good.

Part Ways With Your Agent for Good

The timely selling of your home is at stake. Don’t waste another moment. At Ledge Real Estate Solutions, we know that many home listings expire and we know that frustrated homeowners are often left looking for cash home buyers in Winter Garden, FL as a result. With us, your home is as good as sold.

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