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Should I Move Out of Ocoee?

If you live in Orlando or one of the dozens of neighboring communities and you are looking to sell fast, LEDGE Real Estate Solutions can be of assistance. We are real estate investors that buy homes fast in Ocoee, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Windermere, Winter Springs, Apopka, and more. In this brief article, we will discuss why many of our clients in Ocoee are selling their homes fast.

Overall, Ocoee isn’t too bad of a place to live. ranks Ocoee as the 36th best suburb in the Orlando area. Although there are worse places to live in the surrounding area, Ocoee is generally considered an average at best place to live. Here are four reasons why Ocoee residents are moving.

1) Better Neighboring Communities

Ocoee is surrounded by a bunch of neighboring communities that simply have better homes to offer, better neighborhoods, better stores, and better schools. For example, the neighboring communities of Windermere and Gotha are both ranked on as top ten communities in the Orlando area. Many Ocoee residents elect to move a few miles south to either of these communities to enjoy a better living situation. 

2) Crime Concerns

The biggest concern for Ocoee residents is crime and safety. If you don’t live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Ocoee, chances are that you have at least heard some troubling stories. Even worse, for vacant homeowners, you should know that your property could be targeted for some type of nefarious behavior. Many Ocoee residents would prefer to spend a little more on a home and live in a much safer area in Windermere or Winter Garden. 

3) Tired of Small Town Living

Although Ocoee does have plenty of options for places to eat, there isn’t much entertainment in the area, so residents will need to drive to Orlando. Many residents that are tired of small town life elect to sell their house fast and move into the city where they can enjoy endless entertainment, dining, and shopping options.

4) Traffic is Slowing Down the Workweek 

Without any traffic, Ocoee residents can drive to Orlando in a little over 20 minutes. Unfortunately, traffic patterns have grown significantly in the last few years, so if you commute to Orlando for work you should expect to spend around an hour and twenty minutes in the car each day. When you add up all this time commuting at the end of each month, it can equal around 40 hours. In other words, you’re spending around a workweek each month in your car.   

If you’re looking to sell your home fast in Ocoee, request a cash offer from LEDGE. 

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